Vøringsfossen is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Norway. The strategy is to establish a network of paths along and between the main attractions on site: Vøringsfossen and what is called "Trollafossen" (the waterfall by Trolladalen).


Restricted competition, 2004


State Road Department  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Eidfjord, Hordaland, Norway


900 m²



This network of paths connects viewing points with existing and new destinations; the Fossli hotel and parking, the tourist road parking on Fossatromma and the relocated service building. New crossing points/bridges over water and canyons and a possible connection over the valley itself with cable car is introduced to maximize accessibility and strengthen the proximity and view towards the waterfalls from different angles.

The bridges, together with the path network, will canalize the flow of tourists towards well selected and defined places. This is a way to avoid the wearing out of the existing nature at the edge of the canyon while also adding to the security but also to the experience of this spectacular place.

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