Possibility study, 2006


Oslo municipality, Fiord City Department  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Asplan Viak AS

The ambition for the Vippetangen commission was to create a metropolitan waterfront park without disrupting the ferry and cruise boat terminal operations that already exist on site. The area is 11 hectares from which 80% is occupied today with traffic and parking logistics related to the terminals. 




Oslo, Norway


170.000 m2


Public space, Infrastructure,


To mediate between these two incompatible programs, we introduced a structural grid as negotiator, a column system adapted to logistic requirements at quay level that establishes an artificial topography above, by means of column-height variation. This strategy reorganizes, compress and optimizes the ferry terminal at the same time as it creates new possibilities for public accessibility to the seafront.

On the artificial topography a new departure- and arrival hall is proposed together with drop offs, restaurants, bars etc. The landscape is designed as a showpiece of Norwegian coastal vegetation, including a romantic "archipelago" at the tip towards the fjord where a new hotel and spa with outdoor and indoor swimming is located.

The different paths is designed to support a park that can extend and subtract programmatically according to seasons.


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