In addition to the Museum, our proposal introduces two new destinations along the waterfront: a bed and breakfast with sleeping cabins and a small activity center providing canoeing equipment and guided tours. This strategy will allow the visitor to experience in full the charm of the place, by walking back and forth along a new stone path, which connects the hotel, rental center, museum, café, and parking.


Open competition, 2008


Helgeland Museum,TreFokus and NAL/ecobox

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Vega Archipelago, Norway


600 m²


Tourism, Museum, Mixed-use

Public space

Our building proposal responds to programmatic requirements, landscape views, building construction and energy footprint with one holistic principle: A system of parallel heavy timber bearing walls, laid out perpendicularly to the waterfront. These walls varies in height, length and distance in order to accommodate the different museum rooms without compromising full contact with the ocean and allowing maximum transparency across the building, the resulting spatial layout generates a flexible plan that can adapt to different activities and events throughout the different seasons.


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