The buildings in Våler are surrounded by nature. The new school, sports hall and activity house highlights this quality, and can be seen as pavilions infiltrating and blending in with the landscape.

The project established a green axis; Skolestien from the old municipality house and down to the river Glomma. The new program is distributed along this axis, bringing intensity with entrances and facades, while the outdoor areas are bringing nature to the center of town.   


Competition Entry March 2017


Våler Municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Mestres Wåge Arquitctes


Våler, Norway


8.950 m²


Dipl. Ing. Florian Kosche (RIB)


Masterplan, Public space, 

Public building


Concentration of activity along the axis will allow for synergies between program, overlapping use of spaces, and strengthen the identity of the town center.

School Building
1st - 10th grade
5.000 m2

The new school building is organized as a wing structure, laid out around three gardens. Circulation and common spaces are concentrated around the gardens, allowing students to flow through the school and share the qualities.

The gardens are type casted as a garden for growing, a garden for studying and a garden for activities.

The school extensions are built up by open wooden frames, shifted to allow light into the classrooms through wall and roof.

Multipurpose and swimming
4.000 m2

The sports hall is situated in the south-east corner of the site in close proximity to parking, and strengthening the Skoleveien axis as an anchor in the center of town. Together with other functions, the sports hall will ensure activity both in daytime and at night

To adapt the large volume to the context, the hall is sunken 3 meters into the ground, reducing height, footprint and energy consumption. Access to lobby and seating happens at ground level, while circulation between locker rooms, pool and the sports court happens under.

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To break down the volume even more, the building is seen as three volumes on ground level.

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