The assignment on this invited competition was to develop a holistic urban plan which was to include 3 different landowners /developers.  Each of these clients had varied ambitions in terms of land-use and land-exploitation, although they shared a single wish of avoiding program-based and zoning-based interdependencies between them.


Possibility study, 2015

ROM Eindom, KLP, Hesselberg

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter AS


Oslo, Norway


128.000 m2


Masterplan, Office, Residential

To protect their freedom and simultaneously create a destination amidst the existing postindustrial fabric, we propose 3 independent developments, followed by 3 correspondent and privately owned public spaces / plazas, which are organized around a larger city-owned public park.


This urban layout crystalizes as a fair-play strategy with equal land- use incentives and urban obligations for each part, creating pedestrian-friendly environments which bind the proposal to a larger context in process of regeneration.


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