The City of Trondheim invited designers to an open competition for refurbishing one of the city's main public squares; we responded to the brief with a single concept based exclusively on providing new urban furniture.


Open competition, 2004


Trondheim municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Trondheim Norway


10.000 m²


Public space

The strategy consists on designing and building a collection of mobile modules or platforms that, combined together, perform as large scale urban equipment; these 5m x 10m elements on wheels can be towed, positioned and arranged in different configurations, according to seasonal requirements and specific festivities - The result is an ever changing public environment, with shifting scales, alternate pedestrian flows, canalized vehicular traffic, and also fluctuating adjacencies vis-a-vis neighboring programs. The modular platforms provide for seating, laying, playing, projecting and walking; different layouts produce different in-between rooms ideal for meeting and social interaction.


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