The ambition of “Trondheim Syd” is to transform the existing monofunctional shopping area into an attractive and dense urban neighbourhood. By removing 1.000 cars from an on-grade parking ground, and relocating them underground, new public parks, urban spaces and a residential neighbourhood can be developed. In the same way as the existing shopping mall (City Syd) historically captured the essence of shopping in one of Norway’s most successful malls, the transformation seeks to achieve a similar condensation of vibrant urban life, rich on experiences, connectivity and good living conditions for people in all ages.


Sketch project & regulation plan, 2020


Storebrand ASA & Coop Midt-Norge SA

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Trondheim, Norway


127.000 m²


Mixed use


Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Tegmark


The plan allows for about 550 new dwellings, a local cultural centre, shops and services adjacent to a new public street terminal for the new Metrobus project in Trondheim. Central to the development is a new local park with 3 green streets that connects the surroundings with the new activities and entrances. On the south side of the bus terminal we propose a large activity park that is part of a blue-green corridor on a territorial scale.


Existing situation: shopping mall and parking lot

New situation: urban mixed-use neighbourhood

The project facilitates for a life without cars, with all amenities and services at hand. Visiting the area is made easier with new bike lanes, large bike parking facilities, wider sidewalks and pleasant pocket parks with large trees, lush vegetation, and sustainable water management.

Conceptual diagrams

Local street

The new perimeter blocks define the street scapes and create a porosity on the ground floor that is new to the industrial and commercial zone. The division of the blocks into several urban buildings enhances this idea of urbanity. A uniform pitched roofscape, a traditional Trondheim color palette and wood claddings, make the architecture both city- and site-specific and breaks down the scale even further.  Eventually, if the existing center will be transformed or replaced, the new city block structure can evolve.


Local park

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