The goal of the competition was to develop a new masterplan for total renovation of the existing tourist facilities. Our project illustrates a collection of 4 complementary interventions. "LANDSCAPE STAMP"; asphalt areas for parking are reduced to the minimum; parking is reorganized in pockets on both sides of the road according to the different vehicles turning radiuses. Replanted zones surrounding the parking incorporate resting areas and canalize pedestrian flow. "PIXILATED LANDSCAPE"; pedestrian paths, lodge terrace, floodwall, view platform, bridge and resting areas are designed with a repetitive circular pattern.


Restricted competition, 2004


State Road Department  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Morten Hansen


Åndalsnes, Norway



Each specific condition creates a difference or variation in the system. "FRAMED VIEWS"; four new skylights for the existing lodge are performing as large camera lenses and framing the characteristic adjacent mountain peaks. 

Exterior surfaces are painted black to render the building as a monolithic object. "ENGINEERING & VERTIGO"; a completely new cantilevering structure is proposed on the existing viewing platform, a multipurpose room with an accessible rooftop that split the observation experience in two: inside a full view over the Trollstigen, and outside a panoramic view of the valley.


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