Located in the heart of Oslo, Stranden 1 represents as a new corporate standard within building renovation and stands as a re-branding flagship for the new Aker Brygge Masterplan, a revitalization design-strategy which is now under completion. Four major upgrades were coordinated to address the spatial deficiencies of the existing building, deleting programmatic inadequacies and significantly improving environmental performance.


Completed 2015


Norwegian Property ASA

Project group:

AF Gruppen, Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway


23.000 m2


RIB Florian Kosche


Office, retail


Roland Halbe, Jonas Adolfsen

Commercial Street: The two double-height public entrances on ground level mark the beginning of a new covered street, "the diagonal", a commercial passage that cuts clean through the first 3 existing buildings of Aker Brygge. This shopping path connects the main Aker Brygge square with the city hall plaza and performs as a pedestrian shortcut between the residential areas on the west and the city center.

Atrium: The existing central space is transformed from a narrow light shaft to a brand new public space. A meeting point that is re-configured to become wider in all directions, allowing for proper distribution of zenithal light into the offices and commercial areas through an ETFE skylight.

Its sculptural geometry becomes the portal to Aker Brygge and a prominent arena for corporate art, the installation "Sundial for Spatial Echoes", by artist Thomás Saraceno, will be mounted permanently at the heart of the building. 

Facade: Designed as a modular-system for fast assemblage on site, this floor to ceiling clear-glass skin provides abundant natural light into the working spaces, generous views from the inside and substantial increase on energy efficiency and noise protection.

Penthouse: All HVAC equipment originally installed on the top floor is re-located to the basement, liberating in full the most attractive and profitable area of the building. The new penthouse on the 8th floor provides breathtaking views of the Oslo bay.

Situation plan of Aker Brygge


Before / after images from Stranden 1


A building within a building

Together with the general contractor and main manufacturers, we engineered the new façade, top floor and atrium as independent technical components, almost like a brand new building “applied” onto a poorly constructed old frame. This complex negotiation and compromises between new and old required extensive demolition and subsequent steel reinforcements, but maintaining most of the existing structural elements finally paid off vis-a-vis the “fast track” nature of the project and its extremely tight building schedule.

Concept design

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