The addition to the existing Asplund library is proposed as a system of interconnected spaces, existing and proposed buildings are linked in a room to room configuration so as to incite casual flow, spontaneous learning and random discovery. Each room is provided with a specific multistory spatial solution which houses a specific topic of the collection.


Open competition 2006


City of Stockholm

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Stockholm, Sweeden


24.000 m²


Public building, Public space

Such an aggregation of rooms is intended to configure a non-hierarchical whole merging the old iconic library building and the Rotunda room, with the new in a single architectonic functional body. The grouping of the thematic rooms follows ideal internal program relationships and site features, configuring voids or outdoor patios at ground level that are completely open and interconnected to the pedestrian public flow of the area, making the library permeable and linking the complex with the urban context


Each of the volumes also houses a public roof garden that is enclosed and controlled, which together with the in between annex gardens, conform a new collection of outdoors areas for reading, meeting and learning in the summertime.

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