Train transportation is increasing in the Stavanger region; the city’s central station is already planning for new tracks and longer platforms to increase capacity in accordance with regional guidelines. This upgrade opens for new possibilities in terms of land use, accessibility to public transport and public space.


Completed June 2015


ROM Eindom


​Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Stavanger, Norway


98.000 m2


Norsam, SOLA




Tegmark, Ghilardi+Hellsten

Today`s station is located by Hillevågsvatnet in the heart of Stavanger city center, isolated by significant level differences (10m), intense vehicular traffic around the site and a general lack of commercial services. The project proposes a new public space system that mediates between level differences and establishes 4 new pedestrian/bike streets that canalize flow across the site and in /out of the new station.


Two plazas define the new station entrances; the upper entrance/plaza operates as new access down to the middle of the waiting platforms and provides for minimal transfer-time between the different transportation modes. The lower plaza gives access to front of tracks and connects the station with the lake and to the historic center.

Front of tracks

Vertical circulation at the midpoint of waiting platforms

New entry points to the station. 

Plaza at level k+13

Several development sites are defined by the new streets which can be developed in phases, so as to densify the transport hub with offices, hotel, housing and commercial areas.

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