Through our process, we have evaluated all the constraints which come from the footprint, regulated height, and location of the context. On the one hand, it is evident that lifting the building drastically up from the ground creates more light for neighboring façades and more view for the Sommerfryd project, meanwhile it is also keeping the openness and continuing of the greenery towards Munkedamsveien. Besides that, we realized that the new project should not only be lifted drastically just to maintain light conditions but also enhance the communication with the context. We have therefore chosen to call our strategy “infill and onfill”, a strategy that is much about filling in the space above neighboring buildings instead of filling in between.


Parallel commission 2019


Winta Eiendom AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kosche


Oslo, Norway


8050 m²


Corporate space, Public space


Ghilardi+Hellsten, Piks


By raising the body of the building, a covered outdoor space is created in the end or the entrance of Sommerfryd park. This area is incorporated into a series of living activities that work together to form the new identity of the park. The space has the characteristics of a park pavilion, an open space that is hit by the roof construction, and acting as public facilitates where people stay and do activities. Through the Pavilion, the building hangs seamlessly with the park concept.


An urban space with successful local environment requires a mix of activity areas, places of residence and recreation, as well as proper sized infrastructures. In Sommerfryd park, these elements are combined in a green frame which can facilitates synergies between the park and program in the buildings around, where possible. The clear identity makes Sommerfryd become a neighborhood. Today, this incorporated park is an area where is regulated as a free space, but it is not accumulated to a satisfactory level. Historical references are carefully taken under consideration by releasing the “steel bridge” and strengthening the street expression as this was in the past.

Roof plan 1_500_resized.jpg

Situation plan

Perspective_exterior park_2500.jpg

The park and playground

06_park without building 01.jpg
06_back 4125.jpg

When designing a building to be perceived as icon in the cityscape, it is important to aware the quality of timelessness and robustness in the architectural profession. In the Sommerfryd project, the slim tower of building volume and the elegant elevation creates the iconic expression. This is supported by the fact that the volume above does not compete further for attention and the pattern of façade emphasize the verticality of the building.The building has a retracted terrace in middle band and a fantastic roof garden on the top.


The office plan works well with open floor plan and cell offices. Elevator and stairwells are laid at the corner to provide transparent quality for each floor. Meeting rooms and other service functions are positioned in the middle as free standing boxes. With effective layout, a density of approx. 14m2 per office user.

0016 Street view 1_01.jpg

Views from Munkedamsveien

Flexible office plans

Alternative housing plans

Section layout 1_500_A2_zoom.jpg

East-west section


The space beneath the building is defined by the columns and facade which land on strategic points regard to the urban flow and the existing construction of parking garage. In the center of the Pavilion is an flat stage where scenes and events can take place. We imagine that the Pavilion can live along with the seasons by holding seasonal events and decorations. The lobby of the building is incorporated into the corner facade with a spectacular staircase, facing to the lower neighbor.The canopy is a backlit surface that can be dimmed after the desired event, atmosphere or atmosphere.


At the height level of neighboring buildings, the project has a horizontal band with a more façade where you can have the opportunity to introduce new program. In the absence of existing garage, we choose to arrange technical rooms on this floor, thereby releasing the rooftop which can be more exclusive areas. This can be combined with different common area such as restaurant / gym. On the top floor, the building has a roof garden surrounded by indoor space. This space can accommodate more features, for example, create spectacular meeting facilities that are common to all tenants, so that office space planning can be more efficient. Another use could be exclusive office space for one tenant, or high-quality co-working space.


The facades are designed in brass and glass. This leads to a light but decorative expression and will be perceived as a timeless design. The façade is repetitive, with variation only in terms of program (wider modules on the top and the middle floor). We have maximized transparency for daylight and views. The skin should be built as a double facade, with integrated sun protection between the layers. Clear glass with low iron content. For fast building process and better production control, the facade should be prefabricated as elements.We believe this project is perfect for CCF (closed cavity facade).



Generous and airy space beneath the building is always a constructive challenge, this space will create a unique situation where the design of the construction is visible and can be experienced up close. What this construction is exactly, should be examined from aesthetics and statics to show that design is walkable.
The construction is based on a stiffening core which is established in and above the parking basement through columns and if it necessary piles will go down to the mountains. The stiffening core can be a plaster cast concrete hunting which handles wind forces and seismic stresses. The core is surrounded by a pillar construction which are primarily loaded with compressive forces. linear construction continues upwards into the building. Because the deck buckets require several columns in the building which has to be exchanged with a spatial craft in technical floor so that the loads are transferred to the core and exterior column construction. Cover construction may be molded or prefabricated.


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