Undervisningsbygg and Eiendoms- og byfornyelsesetaten initiated an architectural competition for the development and transformation of Sognsveien 80-90. The general outline of the task was for each team to develop 3 different proposals that ensure smart, socially-oriented and climate-conscious strategies for developing the site.

While the existing site already contains an abandoned school, a swimming hall and a few industrial buildings we chose to emphasize different degrees of re-use as guidelines for the project. Thus, the three concepts developed for transforming the site appropriate different approaches to preservation of the existing structures.  


Competition 2019


Oslo Municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, KOHT, Karres & Brands


Oslo, Norway


123.060 m²


Master planning, Landscape


Ghilardi+Hellsten, KOTH


Potential for shared spaces and mix-use

The detailed program structuring future development of Sognsveien 80-90 around educational institutions, learning center, synergy, collaboration and exchange leads to the idea of focusing the new project around a campus strategy.

The educational functions planned for the site are driven forces for synergy and mixed-use spaces, generators of collaboration integration and exchange.  Our proposal focuses on the use of existing structures as a base for the main learning functions. We also intend to integrate new, open and flexible environment: adaptable to new way of learning and future vision on education, media, information and society development.  


Illustration of the sports hub

KONSEPT 01  (3).jpg

The "Fun palace" proposal takes the topic of preservation and renovation as point of departure and is based on the idea of retrofitting. The project is therefore built around the preservation of all the six blocks and parts of Verkstedhallen.

By adding new structure in direct relation to the existing built masses, concrete issues like capacity, accessibility and modernization are solved while also participating in giving added value to the existing facades.


The introduction of a sports facility hub at the center of the existing structure creates a focal point for the area, linking other buildings and outdoor spaces together and providing a new identity to the site.

KONSEPT 01  (6).jpg
KONSEPT 01  (1).jpg
factory callery_01.jpg

Illustration of the workshop hall

sketch 02.jpg

Illustration of the housing and elderly home

KONSEPT 01  (4).jpg
KONSEPT 01  (5).jpg
Archive night view_01.jpg

Illustration of the city archive

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