Our concept for Ruten is achieved buy a systematic overlay of programs, activities and transport functions which are to conquer all available land in the competition site. Such juxtaposition generates a complex activity ground that invites for the unplanned and for spontaneous encounters between people, which populate the site for diverse interests. This diversity and function mix will always provide for a minimum level of activity during the "everyday life" of Ruten.


Open competition, 2012 


Sandnes municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, White Architects


Sandnes, Norway


35.000 m²


Trivector, Hjertholm/Hansen


Masterplan, Public space

The existing bus terminal building is removed so as to integrate both sides of the site into one extensive public space, sheer size redefines Ruten as "one of a kind" within the area. By bringing "scale uniqueness" to Sandnes, we open for new and unprecedented uses and simultaneous activities and events. In addition to the new surface treatment, a new layer of small and medium pavilions is evenly laid out over the Ruten carpet, creating new meeting points for regular activities for the youth and small to medium size events that are programmed and curated by different local institutions.

Long section A
Long section A
Long section B
Long section B
Cross section
Cross section

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