The project is an addition on the end of an existing row house. The house is one of three units in a row that is multiplied in an extensive housing area from the 1950ties. It was an important premise not to impair the common character of the row houses and protect the identity of the area. Therefore, the additive element is designed both as a continuation of the timber structure and as a contrast leaving the existing main volume as intact and untouched as possible.


Completed 2014



Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Eiksmarka, Bærum, Norway


150 m²


Single family house



Towards south the new roof is an extension of existing roof angle allowing for a tall living room space inside, while towards the north the roof angle is tilted to facilitate a new bedroom on the 2nd floor.  This makes the visual experience of the house completely different from the two sides.  The extension is, due to strong regulations, limited in terms of m2, but the design had a great impact and positive effect on the overall use and layout of the family house.


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