A young couple wants to build a private house in Moss. The site is rocky, small and triangular in shape, but with a nice southwest view to the fjord. The couple wants a small house of 100m2, but with a possible extension of 50m2 in the future. In the northeast, along the access road, a large 6 storey housing block is under construction. 


Detail phase, 2005



Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Moss, Norway


150 m²



To gain privacy, and make the main rooms feel bigger than they really are, a garage and patio is wrapped around the house to the northeast. The new outdoor room becomes an extension of the living room and is the only cultivated piece of garden on the site. To the southwest a large window and a cantilevering terrace extends this spatial experience further. A large bathroom with both morning and evening sun is a priority, while the bedroom is like a small boat cabin cladded with dark veneer.

The possible extension contains two more bedrooms, a separate bathroom and a balcony towards the fjord. Exterior the house is cladded with simple pine, stained and decorated towards the street with customized holes.

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