"Paradis Midt" and "Paradis Nord" will be developed over a period of 15-20 years and will tend towards a comprehensive urban development where a good variety of functions is contributing to create activity and well-being throughout daytime and evenings.

Along the waterfront, several recreational opportunities will punctuate the large green belt following the public path.

The aim of the project was to facilitate for the first development, ”Paradis Midt”, alongside the infrastructure hub, with securing optimal connection to public transport for 4000 new workplaces, hotel, restaurants and additional services.


2019 - Ongoing


Paradis Stasjon Utvikling AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, EM2N Architekten


Stavanger, Norway


50.000 m2


Master planning, Landscape, Public space, Corporate space


Ghilardi+Hellsten, EM2N, Piks

Masterplan_Sitplan_Long Green uten txt c

Masterplan from competition`s winning proposal "The Long Green" 


Situation plan

Main strategies in the competition proposal “The long green” that have been further developed in the planning work include:

- Continue gray and green infrastructure present on the site, framing the main plot.

- Make the site easily accessible and connect it to the north, south and up on the Våland and Storhaugshøyden level.

- Extend the waterfront promenade into a generous parc/green destination by concentrating the building masse along the road and tracks on the west side of the plot. 

- Locate tall buildings (7-8 floors) at against the train tracks, absorbing the variation of topography while buildings facing the waterfront are lower (5-6 floors). 


- Ensure a varied and porous urban network of road, pedestrian streets, shared space and cycling lanes that give accessibility through the site and activate its ground floor. 


- Facilitate public oriented functions in an active ground in the whole project, linking the built environment with its outdoor public space and waterfront.

- Offer a variety of designs and typologies of buildings to ensure robust, flexible buildings that can adapt to diverse functions and change of use over time.

- Create a functional and durable architecture using high quality materials, colors and shapes adapted and related to the different site-specific situations.

Masterplan_Fasade East_M1-1500.jpg
Masterplan_Fasade West_M1-1500.jpg

Facade east and west


The waterfront promenade should be planned as a whole and be developed in relation to the other urban development in the South and North of the site. 


This waterfront green belt has a width of 18 meters including a continuous 3-meter walkway throughout a north-south axis.

Pedestrian paths, plazas and other access points are crossing this main feature of the site creating 6 specific public destinations in the green structure. 


In the southern part of the site, the promenade becomes wider to facilitate a public park expanding out in the water. This new parc is intended to be the most important meeting place with lush vegetation, playgrounds, stairs and seating area down to the water level. Next to the park; services, restaurants and other support functions will be developed at ground level.



Perspective of the "Stasjonsallmenningen" illustrating the connection with the waterfront


The "Stasjonsallmenningen" is the most important space in this new masterplan.  It ensures prime walking and biking accessibility between Lågårdsveien, the public transport hub and the site.

It also represents a strong urban space at the crossroad of a variety of functions in the project. 

This new public space starts as a wide "parkbridge" over the railroad tracks, and continues as a plaza and a stairway down towards the waterfront.
Thanks to a coherent design and the implementation of lush vegetation and rain-beds the "Stasjonsallmenning" becomes an inviting entity, a green urban space at the center of the project.


In the prolongation of the “Stasjonsallmenningen” an anchor point and dock for a cable ferry are suggested implemented. This dock becomes a meeting point where people can fish, sit down, sunbath, enjoy the proximity to the water or pull themselves over the marina in direction of Storhaug.

Turdrag_Landskap snitt_Snitt BB.jpg

Transversal section trough the "Stasjonsallmenningen"


Illustration of "Fjordlangs" the waterfront on the Northern part of the site. 

In the North, smaller meeting areas and more intimate spaces will continue the network of public destination along the waterfront. Benches and urban furniture will be integrated around, between and along the existing trees and stairs down to the water level.

Also here, services, restaurants and other public functions will be developed at ground level supporting the intension of an active city life. 


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