The new Paradis Railway Station builds on the idea of a local transport hub, a small interchanger between metrobus and rail with multiple adjacent functions.


The project consists of three new buildings: a station structure with commercial and educational programs, a residential block and an office building with a public mid-level floor serving the street.





Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Stavanger, Norway


30.000 m2


Masterplan, Infrastructure,

Office, Retail, Residential


Ghilardi+Hellsten,Tegmark, Piks

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Paradis Train Station

The main approach underlying the detailed regulation of the site consists of the following main strategies:


- Establishing a large public square in front of the new station building that ensures physical coherence and visual connection between the new bus lane (on the level C+ 15) and the platform (level C +8.0).


- Facilitating  the implentation of a new station building with mixed purposes (including possible educational purpose) and a new access point down to the middle of the platform level.

- Facilitate the creation of several different buildings in the area of the site, higher utilization rate and more varied programs than as in the current regulation, including residential programs in the south of the site.

- Establishing better accessibility system for pedestrians and cyclists at street level in a new version of Lagårdsveien, transformed into a city street and not an entryway.

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Aerial_draft_3_High resolution_station.j

The station structure allows commuters and passengers to flow effortlessly through the ground floor and down to the platforms by cantilevering the main body of the building over the railway.


This displacement also allows visual contact between street level and trains. The building seamlessly combines services and infrastructure, intensifying the interaction between people and program.

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Section BB 02.jpg
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Our proposal addresses the split-level condition of the site by stablishing a main public lobby in the middle of the structure, liberating upper and lower floors from each other to be able to adapt each of them to the different conditions on both street and railway levels respectively.

Kontor plan 01.jpg
Kontor plan 03.jpg
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Given its location near the waterfront, we propose a terraced layout both in plan and section to augment exposure to natural light and panoramic views. The new volume exploits its narrow site with its highest point towards the taller office blocks and the lower end towards the two-storey neighbouring buildings to avoid compromising their own views.

Plan 01 - ground floor.jpg
Housing block - Leilighetsfordeling.JPG
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