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Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, EM2N Architekten

Paradis is one of the few large remaining development sites in Stavanger and the ambitions and expectations for the development of the site are many. The masterplan created is the result of a prosess of analysis, idea-based experimentation and strategic execution. Balancing urbanity vs. landscape, accessibility vs. low traffic, density vs. openness, mixed program vs. local conditions and so on, is managed through planning strategies that acts as a base for further design development of the area. The plan is a locally anchored and highly adapted to surrounding landscapes and typologies. 




Stavanger, Norway


160.000 m2


Master planning, Landscape, Public space, Residential, Corporate space


Ghilardi+Hellsten, EM2N, Tegmark, Piks



The area plan is based on the idea of a longitudinal, continuous blue-green structure that expands some strategic places to facilitate accessibility and variation in experience and use. The selected sites are also operative in relation to the handling of stormwater and they create flood navigations which in turn emphasize water as the main element of the site identity.

The balance between the premises has been achieved through the following strategies: 


- An overall blue-green structure that ensures openness and public activities; 


- New infrastructure that prioritizes pedestrian and bicycle links, no car breakthrough on Paradise, the possibility of car-free zones and a new driverless cross over the Hillevågsvannet;


- Strategic placement of various programs and functions that provide a lower utilization in the north (housing / culture / education) which gradually increases towards the station (industry / office) as well as facilitating public-directed functions and active first floors along the entire fjord.


- A compact and dense building structure that provides high utilization with the lowest possible building heights, but which at the same time ensures visibility between land and buildings.


- Locate Aker's new regional office (60,000 m² ca.) close to the station, away from Storhaug, in a compact, low typology ("the warehouse") with an associated building that is terraced down to the promenade.


- Facilitate a functional and lasting architecture with good materials, colors and simple, rational shapes that fit the site-specific situations.

Masterplan diagrams

Model photo


Neighborhood A - The Warehouse and The Flower

Furthest to the south in the masterplan is the site of the new Aker BP headquarters. The project consist of two buildings, designed to incorporate the necessary floor area in a compact and site-specific way, while also facilitating interaction with the public promenade along the waterfront. 

For a deeper read about The Warehouse, click on the image.

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Neighborhood B

The area is planned as a commercial hub, containing a hotell, smaller scale office spaces, and health related program. 

The volumes are organized as compact blocks, divided by streets and small entry plazas. All blocks are made of terraced bases, with slimmer volumes on top.   

Neighborhood C

The residential blocks in in neighborhood C are organized around two large interlocked courtyards. Designed to optimize son conditions for both roof terraces and ground level playgrounds, the volumes are ranging from 2-6 floors. Family duplexes are located on the lower levels. 

Neighborhood D and E

For the area D we retrofit an existing industrial building into an center for kids and youth, as well as other public functions. The building is well situated next to the park in the deepest part of the bay. 

Neighborhood E consist of smaller scale residential buildings, adapting to the surrounding single-family housing areas. The buildings range between 4-g floors, and are composed by 3 staggered volumes. 

Neighborhood D

Neighborhood E

Model photo from north


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