The B2 housing project is the first subarea to be developed within the plan for Paradis South, approved by the Stavanger politicians in January 2016. The housing area is a waterfront property only divided from the fjord by a public park continuously running along the coastline. The landscape features are of exceptional quality with vast views and extensive openness. Inside the housing development, spaces will be green, protected and intimate. This contrast is deliberately highlighted in both interior and exterior spaces.


2016 - ongoing


ROM Eiendom AS & Kruse Smith AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Paradis, Stavanger, Norway


21.000 m²




Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Tegmark


Jonas Adolfsen


2017 - ongoing


To prepare the site for construction, the original coastline needed to be transformed and a larger land fill was planned for. This change allows for a large housing plot for approximately 210 apartments.  The units are allocated in 11 free-standing buildings along the edge of the site, creating an inner outdoor common garden while simultaneously keeping multiple narrow views and openings towards the fjord. All parking is underground leaving the whole housing area car-free.

The buildings are a modern interpretation of the “wood city” of Stavanger that consists of assembled building volumes, white wood claddings and pitched roofs creating a varied and complex built landscape. In the B2 project each building is therefore a composition of two staggered volumes with respectively 4 and 6 floors with opposite roof geometry and light wood cladding (facades are shifting from traditional vestlandspanel on one side to vertical panels on the other).



2014 - 2017

The two staggered volumes within one building allow for six corner situations instead of four and this is exploited for optimal conditions for views, lights and locations of balconies.  All apartments have either private balcony or roof terrace or gardens for the ground floor apartments.  Balconies and window are allocated in facade bands all around the buildings rendering all facades equally open, creating no ”front or back” within the plan.




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