The competition brief asked for a museum for the East-sami culture, without having solid exhibition material to display. We took the opportunity to transform the museum into a meeting point that could also operate as a reference object or landmark, in the vast open landscape. Parking and access are designed as a large-scale pictorial figure on the ground.


Competition 2003


Directorate of Public Construction and Property 

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Tai Grung


Neiden, Norway 


800 m²





Several paths take the visitors through dense local vegetation into a clearance where the building stands. A regular shaped volume floats just above the existing vegetation resting on a lower irregular form that merges with the ground. The strict regularity of the box is intensified and fully exposed. The ground level rooms such as entry, cafe, and workrooms are all concentrically organized around a small public zone so that one employee can supervise all activities. The multi-purpose space on the second level is regular and flexible; indirect natural light bleeds through a semi translucent floor that glows intensively during the winter months. A large staircase is the link and spatial connection between the two levels; It is a meeting point, a waiting area and an informal theatre for small performances and projections.

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