By looking at the fjord as a common space, we integrate the water into an important part of the city's public domain. We want to link the promenade to the fjord, which changes the promenade´s role from being the outer edge towards the water to become a central artery in the transition between the blue and the grey city floor. 




Oslo Municipality (PBE, HAV, EBY, SAM)

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, HP landskap,

Ljus Arkitektur, Dipl. -Ing.Florian Kosche


Oslo, Norway


9 km


HP landskap, Ljus Arkitektur,

Dipl. -Ing.Florian Kosche


Public Space


Ghilardi+Hellsten / Tegmark

The project was developed both for a permanent and a temporary situation that included a series of strategies to be realized before 2015.

In this way the promenade cover a larger urban area and includes peninsulas and islands that are linked by the Oslo Fjord. Using new ferry lines, taxi boats, boat buses, cable boats etc. Oslo will develop something more than a regular promenade; Oslo will receive an active Waterfront and Fjord promenade. 


The waterfront surrounding Akershus castle is now dominated by the security fence for the ferry cruises. The ISPS zone, creates an intermittent barrier in the public space.

A new platform only connected to the mainland by a bridge will free the coast and open new possibilities for the whole area.



In the middle of Oslo fjord, at barely 500 m from the waterfront, is located the small Kavringen lighthouse. The construction, surrounded by a protected nesting area for birds, has a big potential as a new destination in the city.

A small floating pier, with little impact in the fragile environment, could make the location accessible for small boats and kayaks all year round.



In the west end of the Oslo waterfront is  located a very popular marina surrounded by beautiful nature. However the public space has little access to the water and is dominated by heavy traffic along one of its sides.

The proposal suggests a new layout for the marina that will increase the contact with the water, keeping the same amount of boats and creating a lower level for the promenade protected from the road.

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