The main ambition of the proposal was to improve and transform the existing station area into a system of new representative and functional public spaces, providing downtown Oslo with an optimized transportation hub and a regional destination with mixed-use program.     


Invited competition 2008 


ROM Eindom AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway


120.000 m²


Arup Scotland, The Design Solution


Transportation hub, Mixed-use

Transfer distances
Transfer distances
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Situation plan
Situation plan
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A new outline defines 3 city blocks within the site and its existing buildings, creating an indoor passage and central space which will perform as meeting point and urban connector; east, west, and south will be linked through this public room. The central space  is designed to celebrate the traditional idea of a main station hall visualized as a grandeur panoptic space.


This new  transfer chamber consolidates all transportation flows with a central layout, canalizing and distributing pedestrian circulation to trains, buses, tram, taxi and subway; as well as the flows generated by new programs like hotel, shops and offices.

Each access point is tailored to the requirements of its immediate context: The west entry becomes a sloping plaza which open for views toward the opera and bring commuters smoothly up into the main hall, the north entry creates a new station facade addressing the east neighborhoods, and the south entry incorporates offices and hotel in the form of towers, reconfiguring the cityscape towards the fjord.

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