Nortura is moving their production from Forus, and leaves a site centrally located in what could become the new large municipality Stor-Jæren.

The site is situated where the city fabric between Sandnes and Stavanger meets the east-west axis towards Sola.

This project proposes the Nortura site as a pilot project for sustainable urban development, in a network based charing economy.


Completed April 2016


Nortura, DTZ

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Forus, Norway


167.000 m²



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Stavanger, Sola and Sandnes is facing a possible merger into the new larger municipality Nord-Jæren. Where would the town hall of the new municipality be situated? Forus will be the best connected place with the shortest commute for all residents of the municipality. We propose a new type of town hall on Forus station, a ”public quarter” with mixed use, housing, business, shopping, school, incubators, testing grounds, co-working, literature house, media house etc.    

Future mix of programs in Forus?

We believe that development of East Forus, establishment of public transportation in the east-west axis and the reopening of Forus railway station is the best strategy for a holistic, sustainable urban development of Forus.

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The new east-west axis will follow the principle of the 10 minute city, and it is important for the region that this axis is continued to Forus station, making the Nortura site a regional node.

The Nortura site is part of a larger industrial area in Forus East, the size of the City Centre of Kristiansand.

We propose the use of a generic grid structure, that enhances flexibility, predictability and can easily be extended to neighboring sites. The dimensions of the grid is based on existing property structures, flexibility in phasing, and the scale of adjacent city web.


Situation plan 1:5000

The new ”public quarter” will be clustered along the extended transportation axis between Gamle Forusvei and Forus station. South of ”the strip” we propose a major housing area situated in a larger system of parks, with superb sun conditions and amazing views to the fjord.

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Adjusting the grid
Adjusting the grid
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The Nortura site will be served by one looped road for cars, end the rest of the streetscape will be shared space or streets for pedestrians and bicycles.

The grid adepts to the local conditions, whether it intersects with terrain or property borders.

Mix of functions is important to make the ”public quarter” an active urban area.

Situation plan 1:2000


Public plaza

Existing terrain

New terrain

To ensure good sun conditions and views for the housing area, the project is being developed around a small hill, on stepping terraces from kota +22 to +16. On top of the hill we establish a local playground, which complements the other parks and public spaces in the development.

Street sections very much define neighborhoods, and it was important in this project to design specific street sections to strengthen the qualities and identities in the catalogue of neighborhoods we have created on the Nortura site.

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