The scope of this project was to develop a comprehensive urban strategy for a new regional rail hub in the city of Moss. The task included relocating the tunnels for the Rv19 road and the existing ferry port further south while simultaneously completing an interrupted city fabric.


Parallell commission 2015


ROM Eindom AS, Moss municipality, Jernbaneverket

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Karres+Brands


Moss, Norway


165.000 m²


Tyrens Traffic


Masterplan, Transportation hub, 


The project consolidates the new rail tunnel and the Rv19 tunnel for regional traffic into one infrastructural operation with two parallel culverts. This maneuver establishes two city levels: an upper plaza over the new infrastructure with local connection to the existing city center, and a lower area for new development adjacent to the waterfront. The substantial high differences are mitigated by means of a reconstructive road system, new public spaces and strategic private developments.

Concept infrastructure
Concept infrastructure
Concept lot structure
Concept lot structure
Plandiagram flow
Plandiagram flow

3 accesses to the rail platforms are provided: from the upper plaza, from the main seafront square at the middle of platforms, and from the south end in connection with the ferry and the main bike route. The seafront area is planned as a gradual transformation within existing properties so as to keep local identities and streetscapes, also facilitating development phases over time.

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