From the collaboration between two municipalities, emerges the project for a new development along the fjord coast between Drammen and Lier. The new Lierstranda will transform a former industrial area into 1 million m2 of housing, offices, services and a new regional hospital.




Lier and Drammen Municipalities

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Lier / Drammen, Norway


1.000.000 m²






Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Tegmark

road network
road network

Lierstranda master plan is based on 10 main principles:

(1)  The railway station is placed in the middle of the development area with access points in both ends of the platforms.

(2)  The railway station is lifted to the level of the existing railway-bridge, which allows for equal urban development on both sides, and fluent connections transversely.

(3)  A new access point to E18 is added at Jensvollveien. RV23 is moved out of the development area.

green areas
green areas
common spaces
common spaces

(4)  Three different commons cut through the urban fabric and act as structural elements in the large scale development. «The Lier Common» plays a main role as the traffic hub for public transport, both on land and from the fjord.

(5)  Two distinct landscapes emerge and frame the area, a green buffer by E18, and a promenade along the fjord in the south.

programatic areas
programatic areas

(6)  The transport hub is highlighted by the translucent roof structure of the station building, and strengthens the areas identity.

(7)  A higher density is desired in proximity to the transport hub to create an urban area that supports a high usage of public transport, and to allow other neighborhoods in the development a lower density with other programs and recreational spaces.

(8)  Car parking is located between Lierstranda Allé and Gamle Kongevei, relieving the external spaces of heavy traffic.

Lierstranda, knutepunkt

(9)  Three main streets for cars and bicycles will connect Lierstranda to the existing road system:

  • Strandveien as the fast connection

  • Lierstranda Allé as a local street for public transport.

  • Jensvollveien connecting with Lierbyen, Tranby and E18.

(10)  Parts of the settlements along Gamle Kongevei may be preserved, and the street will be transformed to shared space.

Priority is always given to pedestrians and bicycles, and continuous traffic will not be permitted.


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