Sognehytta is a concept that wishes to highlight beautiful nature in relation to knowledge about the Norwegian landscape. A catalog of cabins will be located in specific points in the Sogn og Fjordane region, each one being both different and similar to the others. The cabins are simple and economic, yet spectacular and they have the ability to adapt the natural condition of every point of placement, while keeping the recognizable design.


Open competition, 2017


Sogn og Fjordane County

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Dipl.Ing Florian Kosche


Sogn og Fjordane, Norway


18 m²


Dipl. Ing Florian Kosche


Tourism, Cabin

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While from the exterior the cabin is conceived as an iconic object, in the interior acts as a panopticon. 3 large windows opens the cabin in different directions and together with the interior exhibition walls, create a sequence of views and images that makes the interior a destination of its own.

The cabin is a "primitive" structure, in terms of construction and building technique. All elements are cross laminated wood (CLT) being CNC cut and mounted at the workshop. The elements are then clad with a breathing membrane and wood cladding. To simplify technical details and joints to minimize maintenance is an important ambition.

The exterior wood cladding can be variate to adapt the 26 different locations. Structuring the cabin as a diamond consisting of three parts allows it to be transported by helicopter, each part being under 1000 kilos.


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