How can Selvika become an specific stop within the generic landscape? The project is designed as an optical instrument in the terrain; it decomposes the views and challenges the perception of the traveler. The place becomes a spot that the tourist cannot photograph, but has to experience. It is strategically located on a small crest and has a circular shape to gain optimal views.


Restricted competition, 2004


State Road Department  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter with Tai Grung


Selvika, Norway


100 m²



The spaces for resting and eating are created in-between the periscopes from the height difference between concrete floor and terrain. A fragmented division of the resting areas along the instrument ensure one spot always protected from strong winds and rough climate. An outdoor tub and shower is an additional attraction for cold and warm days. Seen from the road and the landscape the resting area is an installation where cars, buses and home wagons are no longer visible.


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