Malmø city wants to develop an iconic building at a site called “Tyfonen”, between the old town and the new city in the southwest, which can become the missing link between the two. The building is to become a destination and a generator for public city life, and we proposed a promiscuous mix of hotel, housing, office and commerce.


Open bid competition, 2007


Dagon Projectutveckling AB  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Malmø, Sweeden


23.100 m²



The building is designed as the counterpart to the neighboring project called “Hulken” (that concentrates public life in controlled patios), creating three public areas around the building leaving neither a “backside” nor a ”front side”.

The program is split into three volumes that are extruded from the same base, which differentiates the building, breaks the scale of the massive amount of m2 demanded, and generates the opportunity to design an icon.

The ground floor is programmed with a collection of restaurants, delis, bookstores, gym & spa and hotel lobby. The facades of the volumes are given different materials and levels of transparencies depending on the program, orientation and energy use. On top of the base, in between the volumes, is an internal garden and a void allowing for multiple views of the city.


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