A new competition and a revised sketch for K1 and K2 were initiated by the municipality with the goal of reducing the building heights illustrated in the original sketch project. The program and the density on the other hand, was not to be reduced or changed. With this as a point pf departure we laid out optimal office blocks of total 50.000m2 with 6 floors only on the two sites.


2013 - ongoing


ROM Eindom

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Stavanger, Norway


56.000 m²


RIB Florian Kosche, NORSAM




Tegmark, Ghilardi+Hellsten

The long slabs were then adjusted to fit the sites which resulted in iconic zig-zag volumes. The zig-zag creates a volumetric variation in the facade lengths that downscale the large buildings and allows for smaller triangular gardens and plaza on the public level. The many roofs of the zig-zags were then sloped to allow variation in heights and views.

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The office cluster now appears more like a continuous city landscape unlike office towers as in the previous design.  This strategy was later manifested with13 different maximum roof heights in the revised zoning plan.  The tilted roof creates possibilities for unique large terraced offices landscape in the, but also exterior terraces with great views to the fjord. 

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