The main concept for the development of the sports park is to clarify the borders and maximize the potential of the active sport areas and the natural park while creating synergy effects between the two. The proposal is based on the notion that there are only programs relating to sport, recreation and education to be developed in the park.


Possibility study, landscape plan, 2010


Haugesund municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Studio HP


Oslo, Norway


225.000 m²


Office, retail


Ghilardi+Hellsten, Tegmark

The natural park is brought into the area as three green fingers and enhances the parks presence in contrast to the orthogonally and efficiently organized sport fields. In the natural park the vegetation is dense; there is seating and birdsong in a network of paths that allow for recreation and outdoor activities.


All buildings and active sport activities are organized within the grid to achieve density, diversity and synergy and contribute to the idea of a large "sport campus". Paths emerge between the programs and provide good and clear accessibility to all the programs within the area. The defined areas within the grid can as such be filled with sport, education and recreation over time in a way that outlines a huge potential in the future.


A continuous sport track defines the border to the most active part of the park. Two complimentary path loops are also suggested, around the lake and inside the forest to generate a more active network through and around the site.


The studies done for the campus was first executed as a possibility study/masterplan, then as a landscape plan with a design manual and finally a detailed plan for the main entrance square.

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