Work and Leisure are merging, this irreversible cultural shift prompts re-calibration or even complete re-thinking of traditional building types, and there is a real increase in the demand for more open and more flexible buildings to satisfy a rapid-shifting real estate market. Hasle Linje Universell is an hotel and office building developed as a platform for such reformulation. The structure is robust and universal and enhances the possibilities for future programmatic change without developing suboptimal conditions for the current program. Clarion Hotel Hasle is scheduled to open in March 2021.




Höegh Eiendom, AF Gruppen

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway


39.000 m²


RIB Florian Kosche


Masterplan, Public space, 

Hotel, Corporate Space, 





Hotel & offices

21.000 m2

Two types of facade elements make up the hotel room floors. Type 1 has exterior vertical aluminium casettes, while Type 2 has exterior vertical lamellas for every 60cm (yet to be mounted). The ground floors will have 2,4m wide glass panels to provide a larger degree of contact with the urban spaces.  

Fasade zoom.jpg

Facade elements are made out of 2,4m modules.

The atrium in the hotel, from the third to the sixth floor.


The lobby in the hotel is a double high space with a skylight connecting it with the atrium above. 

K4A & K4B



Hotel & offices

21.000 m2

Hotell_view_1 +.jpg

Axonometric of the program

Our project on the K4 site consist of an hotel and an office building, resting on a common multi-functional base. In continuation of the base lies a plaza, shared by the neighbor historical building and the hotel. 

The base includes a gym, restaurant, bar, and conference facilities, and a major public lobby space.

20180515 Lobby_image.jpg

Shared entrance for the hotel  and office from Bøkkerveien

The hotel's lobby


Perspective section through the lobby


The office building seen from Karvesvingen

Office interiors



Bicycle and pedestrian
Bicycle and pedestrian
Public space
Public space

Our proposal introduces a system of four distinct public spaces along Bøkkerveien down to Karvesvingen 3. Pipeterrassen, the “T” lobby, the “V” ramp and Linje Torget define new sites for three independent buildings. Together with Piperhuset, this system creates a continuous sequence, that interlocks with both Bøkkerveien and Karvesvingen in multiple points.

Our plan reinforces Bøkkerveien as a neighborhood spine, encouraging mingling of office workers, residents and visitors, while Karvesvingen reclaims its status as complementary road for supporting of existing and new functions on level c+92,5.

Access from Økernveien incorporates and prioritizes pedestrian flow, creating a new face for Hasle Linje with a main entrance to conference, wine department and wellbeing.  Pipeparken is re-cast as Pipeterrassen, a local destination for food and wine in direct connection with the hotel; the “T” lobby works as a triple height meeting point and connective space; the “V” ramp operates as semi-covered outdoor theater and main connection between Bøkkerveien and the K5 buildings; the new Linje Torget performs as a co- working square at the heart of the K5 collaborative enclave.


Hotel & offices / 23.000 m2

 K4 - “H” Building and “V” Building


This two buildings engage spatially and programmatically with Pipehuset and Pipeparken. They create a porous compound which houses a variety of services for guests and tenants. K4A includes public co-working lobby, hotel, conference facilities, wellbeing with swimming, training center, pool /spa and the wine department. K4B allocates office space suitable for smaller companies and start-ups which are looking for high-profile image branding.

The T-Lobby

3rd Floor
3rd Floor
7th Floor
7th Floor

Plans 3rd and 7th floors

Plan housing addition


A horizontal combination of a conference hotel with housing on top is certainly recommended for K4A. Programmatic mix on this site would be very advantageous in terms of more sustainable “city making”, unlocking and reversing the monofunctionally along the southeast side of Bøkkerveien.  We would like to encourage Hasle Linje AS to front zoning negotiations with public authorities, to discuss heights, and alternative models for urban housing outdoor areas.

Plan Golden grid


All three buildings, K4A, K4B and K5C, are drafted with structural grids, floor heights and façade principles that can easily adapt to an eventual program-shift. In the long run, and beyond market opportunism, we are interested in designs which facilitate change in use as a lucid strategy for a sustainable future.

We find an irresistible coherence between the industrial past of Hasle, with its toughness and lack of sentimentality, and our present obligations to deliver universal space. Just like in those former utilitarian buildings, we see that adaptability and robustness require a high degree of formal simplicity, we believe our proposal will stand in stark contrast with recent neighboring developments, and it will help to completely re-brand Hasle Linje. such thread of thought positions our project as mediator between heritage, present ambitions and the possibility for future change.

In terms of materiality, and in consistency with our formal investigations, we are deeply interested in exploring the crisp expression of pure materials rather than the expression of building products.

As a starting point, and as illustrated in our concepts images, we imagine our buildings in steel, glass  and wood.


Offices / 16.000 m2

K5C - Collaborative enclave

The three K5 buildings share operating potential as a combined property for a diverse array of collaborative working models, with the benefit of shared facilities.  Our proposal anticipates this condition by introducing the “collaborative Hall”, a 5m height single-story interior space which interconnects all K5 ground floors and houses different co-working options and additional support features for all tenants.

For K5C we developed a slimmer and slightly taller volume than the one previously projected, giving room to the new Linje Torget, gaining better views and natural light conditions for the upper floors.

The K5C building aims at environmental excellence, a massive wood structure incased in a high- performing double skin, uncompromising in terms of both natural light and energy efficiency. Its bulky footprint allows for a “porous” core with the possibility for internal atriums, which can easily change or adapt to tenant demands by not being part of the main structural system.

1st floor, co-working lobby
1st floor, co-working lobby
2nd-5th floor, co-working
2nd-5th floor, co-working
7th-13th floor, office
7th-13th floor, office

Our proposal for K5C, with its generous footprint and central core would also allow for combining office and hotel vertically.

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