Harestua is a small town around 45 min from Oslo that was established in connection to a timber industrial area called Lunner Almenning. In 2012 the train station with local and regional trains on “Gjøvikbanen” was refurbished and relocated closer to the Almmening. A decision of moving the industrial facility away from the current central position opened the possibility of designing a new city center close to the rail way station.


Possibility study 2012


Lunner Allmenning

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Harestua, Norway


100.000 m²




Masterplan, Mixed-use, Residential

Ghilardi+Hellsten developed a masterplan and a building for the development of the town based on the following goals:

- A high density town center which combines housing, commercial and office areas.

 -A simple and efficient road system that connects all the main areas reducing the use of cars between neighborhoods.

- A parking strategy which prioritizes the use electrical cars. 

- A new system of pedestrian connections between residential areas and main destinations.

- A new north-south linear urban park connecting the two main existing residential areas.

-Strong, but multiple identities among the new development areas by introducing different densities and housing typologies.

-The use of local wood as the main building material.

The project was one of seven pilot projects in “Fremtidens Bygder” that is collaboration between Zero, and NAL with the aim of contributing to increased knowledge of how to develop small towns in a more sustainable manner. https://www.arkitektur.no/framtidens-bygder.

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