The client wanted to transform an existing office building from the 1960s into a housing development. To complete this vision a new zoning plan was required. Ghilardi+Hellsten were responsible for the sketch proposal and the zoning plan that was approved by the politicians in 2014. Later, the plot was sold and the project redrawn and built by other actors.


Approved, 2014


Grenseveien AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter AS


Oslo, Norway


2000 m²


Residential, zoning documents


Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS


Ghilardi+Hellsten, Tegmark

The project plot had a difficult shape and was categorized as an in-fill project since it was partly intertwined with a larger plot consisting of a well-established housing community from the 1950s.


To protect the adjacent park-like layout all the new building mass was located as close to the main road as possible, leaving a large open green outdoor area in front of the development.


A twelve story tower was suggested as the typology, but was later reduced to two shorter “twin-towers” of eight and six stories for the sake of the neighbors.

outdoor areas
outdoor areas
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regulation plan
regulation plan
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A high exploitation rate was wanted due to the strategic central location close to public transport/metro. The proposed building has 21 apt, on an average 3 apartments per floor all with extensive windows with French balconies to the south-west. Continuous window bands in various heights were a prerequisite in the zoning documents so as to avoid a front and a back of the building.  On the top levels the zoning allowed for roof terraces and 2-story penthouses.

view from the garden
view from the garden
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