A slender free standing building with a small footprint allows for architectural independency and iconic expression; but most importantly, generates a residential type with no precedents in the city of Lima today. Our proposal investigates the possibilities of high-end urban housing that aims at a different kind of lifestyle, a dwelling option based primarily on raw-quality space, functionality, privacy, and uncontested views.


Open competition 2008



Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Lima, Peru


6.600 m²



All apartment units are organized in duplex configuration; the resulting layout creates a natural programmatic division within the residence: an introverted zone for the private quarters and service areas; and an extroverted one, dedicated to the social spaces of the house. The introverted level accommodates the main suites in corner condition towards the golf course, where all rooms - including the bathrooms - enjoy framed views and abundant natural light within an atmosphere of intimacy. The living room area, lounge, open kitchen, breakfast and dining room are allocated in the extroverted level, enclosed by ceiling to floor glazed walls on 4 sides.


All 400m2 units have a private elevator and staircase. This two-plan sectional organization limits circulation to the absolute necessary, while re-enforcing privacy and the overall efficiency of the plan.

Cross Section exhibition

Gallery ROM

Model 1:20

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