The content of this document is a collection of principles and ideas in line with ongoing area regulation for Lierstranda. The design of public spaces, quarters and volumes is based on input from landowners, developers and the planning area's team through presentations, discussions and meetings. The starting point for the planning approach is a continuation of the quarterly structure concept presented in the parallel assignment from 2016 and further developed in the area regulation process, which is now well underway.





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Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Lier, Norway


216.000 m²


Master planning


Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter

Gilhusallé is the main access to Gilhus in the east. Here, the public transport route is combined with a public green space to create a living common that connects Lier with the fjord promenade through Gilhus. Epleallé is an urban cross-connection that connects the city and the fjord. The promenade crosses the canal, through residential neighborhoods and further across the railway and meets existing road networks in Lier. The tank is a public route that strengthens accessibility and proximity between important destinations in the area.

The beach promenade is located along the main canal in Gilhusbukta and contributes to the formation of a public and continuous green space on the north side of the canal. South of the canal are the archipelagos with homes and private outdoor living areas. The beach zone on the north side of the islands is not public and is intended as an outdoor area with direct connection to the 1st floor of a dwelling.

The islands, GØ1, GØ2 and GØ3, are intended to be designed as three different neighborhoods, where both housing typology, the island's design and the coastline define the neighborhood. It is desired to establish three different identities within housing typology and associated outdoor living area in order to explore and cover a wide range in the housing market, by offering different types of housing and unit sizes.
The lifestyle on the islands is based on living in close contact with the fjord, with direct access to the water's edge and spectacular fjord views.

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