Ideas competition for sustainable urbanism in Furuset Oslo.  

After the development of the satellite centers in suburban Oslo, the valley in-between the centers, “Groruddalen”, has been transformed from an industrial area to a diverse urban carpet with many different programs and local qualities. The valley is no longer only a transport corridor, but also an urban destination that links all the satellite centers and that is of daily use among the inhabitants. For many decades the private car has been the ultimate means of transport in this destination due to lack of efficient public transportation.


Purchased competition entry, 2010


Oslo Municipality/Future Built

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Studio HP AS, CSR Consulting


Furuset, Oslo, Norway


1.120.000 m²


Transportation, Masterplan, 

Multi-family housing

If the aim is to make Furuset sustainable the Grorud valley has to become sustainable. Today sustainability is about synergies, exchange and collaboration and no longer an issue of autonomy and self-sufficiency. The Grorud valley needs a new vision where the idea of satellite urban centers not necessarily must be abandoned, but revived in a denser version that also includes the valley corridor it selves. Only by doing this one can densify and optimize the continuous and multifaceted urban carpet.

The competition proposal suggests a densification of the valley based on an improved system for public transport that is transformed from a linear system to a grid system that connects the whole valley.  In such a system all inhabitants in the valley is given the opportunity to live and work within 300 meters from an intensified transportation hub. This measure will release a potential of doubling the amount of inhabitants in the valley.

With more building mass and 50% more inhabitants in the valley the number of inhabitants could reach a

number of 300.000 and contain more than 100.000 workplace ( compared with todays 165.000 inhabitants and approx. 60.000 workplaces).

This increase will realize a higher frequency in all transportation services.  The new transportation grid coincides with the idea of a third metro line in the Grorud Valley.


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