The main task in this project is to delineate new strategies for a sustainable urban-development plan, focusing on the city centre densification so as to avoid further sprawl.


Completed 2015


Herøy Municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Karres+Brands


Fosnavåg, Norway


City centre


NORSAM, Hilde Remøy


Masterplan, Public space

The fishing industry has always been very strong in Fosnavåg and the city has informally evolved around the harbor. Today shipping also plays an important role in Fosnavåg in relationship with technical innovation and international businesses.

As part of the ongoing efforts to upgrade the commercial harbor, city authorities are planning to dredge the sea bottom. The brief in the parallel commission asked for options on the relocation of the soil from the dredging. Our proposal places all the masses at Vågsholmen peninsula expanding the city on Vågsholmen rather than extending it in the periphery. This new city core takes shapes around the existing inner harbor, which is the most characteristic, identity-filled area in Fosnavåg.

In order to open the inner harbor for larger ships and create new construction opportunities for large ferries, a new water channel is proposed. This strategy disconnects Vågsholmen from the northern ridge and orients the island towards the city centre. Rerouting large ships also allows for new pedestrian bridges across the inner channel, making the city center much less dependent on vehicular traffic. The new opening to the sea guarantees long-term developments and further potential for urban growth.

Our proposal defines new transformation areas close to the city center with cultivated landscapes, sustainable housing and direct pedestrian / bicycle connections into the town center.



Urban space strategy:

Following our plan for densification, the new square becomes the prime gravitational point in Fosnavåg. Programmatically loaded and strategically located, this new urban space becomes a pedestrian destination and meeting point for people of all ages.  


The new urban space at Vågsholmen is built with soil from the dredging project in the harbor. New bridges connect old and new city centre and the intimate harbor is developed as an important urban space in the city.

Vågsplassen is transformed from parking lot to public space surrounded by new plots for buildings. The area is proposed as the new business district in Fosnavåg, with focus on sustainable operation and research on this. The industry extends from supply business for wind farms in the sea to technology for sustainable fisheries.

Vågsplassen with office building and view towards the fjord and Lunde. 

Housing strategy:

Areas close to existing city centre are developed into new residential areas with sustainable housing and new typologies.

Housing strategy:

Existing fisheries transformed into housing.

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