From January 1st, 2020 will Elnesvågen become the new center of Hustavika municipality following the merger of two municipalities Fræna and Eide. The new center is scenically situated in a beautiful agricultural landscape approximately 20km north of Molde. Today, the town is characterized by heavy car traffic, large asphalt surfaces, long distances and poor pedestrian connections.

Our proposal for a new masterplan for Elnesvågen is an innovative urban development project that aims to bring together municipal and private actors through multi-use spaces to stimulate a culture of resource sharing. The city center is framed and densified to activate the streetscape, facilitate a rich variation of public amenities and reduce the use of cars and parking spaces.


Parallel commission 2018


Elnesvågen municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Elnesvågen, Norway


100.000 m²


Public space, Landscape


Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


The Hustadvika Ring

Although Hustadvika is primarily planned and designed for its own inhabitants, its potential as a tourist destination should be exploited as a driving force for the future of the place. The municipality offers various scenic places along the fjord, and the ring road around the peninsula attracts a large amount of visitors coming to see the spectacular Atlantic Ocean, as well as to experience its surfing spots and hiking routes. Overall, we intend to propose a common strategy for the towns of the new municipality. Elnesvågen, Eide and Bud will be the three main anchors in this loop, complementing each other in terms of identity and cultural offers. A more detailed design of the new Elnesvågen center will emerge from this context. Furthermore, the adjustments of the road play a key role in this strategy in order to transform the road into a street on some strategic stretches.


Situation plan

We propose a rectangular street structure that frames the core of Hustadvika, and at the same time establishes a structure that anchors existing and new projects to the local community. This structure is intended as an “activity ring” which is dedicated to pedestrians and contains a multitude of spaces for people to meet, to sit, to hang out, to play. The ring is shaped by existing buildings in the northern half, then in turn shapes the new developments in the southern part, to finally integrate itself immediately in the surroundings. The implementation of the ring will help replace the car-dominated traffic pattern with more pedestrian-friendly routes connecting the city to the fjord and the mountains. The space created within the ring will become a park consisting of pavilions with both permanent and temporary interventions to provide an active and informal environment.


Approach from the fjord


Plan main square

drive through.jpg

Main street through the town center

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