Drammen Health Park is a proposal for a mixed used area on Brakerøya, that seeks to complement the new Drammen Hospital with related program and functions. Creating a masterplan that exploits and strengthens the relationship with the fjord, as well as making an urban connection between the Lierstranda Fjordby and Drammen City Centre, was important to the design development of the project. 
The project aims at mixing institutional program with residential and corporate space through a glue of public outdoor area, to achieve maximum amount of activity and synergies between people.
Three neighbourhoods centred around a plaza makes up the project together with the continuous waterfront promenade that runs along the fjord. 




Drammen Helsepark AS

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Drammen, Norway


105.000 m²


Infrastructure, Residential, Retail,

Office, Masterplan, Institution


Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, Photon Images


The four areas that make up the new city

The Health Island

On waterfront we created a pedestrian-based neighbourhood consisting of residential program for people in all ages, mixed with a kindergarten and thematic parks along the water. The Island is connected to the project through the main plaza. 

The Educational Wing

Through underground space The Educational Wing is tightly integrated with the new hospital. This sunken connection allows the public to flow effortlessly through the building on the ground level, knitting the institutions together with public space. 

The Health Grid

The Health Grid is the most urban part of the project, a continuation of the Lierstranda structure, designed to create a city-connection from the future “fjordby” of Lierstranda to the new hospital and the direction of Drammen City Centre. 

The Square

In the meeting point of the three neighbourhoods is the main plaza of the area. There is a “short cut” from the waterfront promenade that runs through the space together with a new canal, making the plaza into a combination of fjord, urbanity and public program.

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