The underground relocation of the Vestfold railroad, between Drammen and Skoger, opens for reprograming the liberated ground with new public uses. In collaboration with Drammen municipality we propose a system of outdoor spaces interlinked by a new pedestrian and bicycle path which is to replace the existing tracks.

This project aims at transforming an infrastructural obstacle into opportunity, by repairing the city fabric, strengthening preexisting recreational areas and stablishing new urban connections. Its identity is defined by a design manual, with flexible rules to accommodate local functions and to fit onto the existing topography.


Completed 2017


Drammen Municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Drammen, Norway


7,5 km


Asplan Viak, Multiconsult


Masterplan, Public space


Franco Ghilardi, Henrik Poulsson

Martin Brandsdal

The 5,5-meter-wide foundation for the existing tracks will be transformed into two bike lanes of 1,5m each, and a 2,5m walking path. This standard width could increase where the path runs through wider areas, or where tangential programs require it.

The total lengt of the path is 7,5km long, devided in a 3,2 km urban part, and a 4,3km long natural part. Throughout the seasons, functions will also change, from bike path in the summer to skiing tracks in the winter.

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Recreational network
Recreational network
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Bicycle network
Bicycle network
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Projects along path
Projects along path
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The path act as a linking element between 6 areas in the city. The relationships and interactions are described in the chapters under. 


Focus area 01: Smithestrøm park

The urban park at Smithestrøm is the  startingpoint of the tracks, and the link to the city center.

Focus area 02: Danvik

New connection in Bekkegata

Extention of playground at Danvik school


Focus area 03: Marienlyst

Marienlyst program and connections

Focus area 04: Bikkjestykket park

Increased accessibility at Andedammen

Path intersects with existing terrain in Bikkjestykket park


Focus area 05: Frydenhaug

Public space by Frydenhaug Special School

Detail of path under bridge


Focus area 06: Teglverkstomta

The path floats at Tegger'n to allow for sliding to happen under

Resting area along the path at Ørka


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