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Ellen Hellsten
Company Director / Architect
+47 90 05 99

Graduated with a Diploma from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 1997 and a post-professional Master degree from Harvard University in 2001. After practicing in New York City, she returned to Oslo in 2003 and taught at the Institute of Urbanism at Oslo School of Architecture for several years while simultaneously founding the office. Ellen has extensive experience in city planning and urban design, and is engaged in the development of complex urban projects. Ellen also holds several committee memberships, among other the chair of the Advisory Committee on Architectural Quality in Oslo.


Thomas Hellsten

CEO & Commercial Manager
+47 91 64 00 80 /

Thomas is responsible for the administrative and commercial tasks in our company. He has more than 20 years of experience as Commercial Director with focus on international B2B sales & marketing and business development.

Thomas holds a bachelor in Chemistry from Høgskolen i Østfold.


Franco Ghilardi
Company Director / Architect 
+47 97 10 32

Franco received his degree in Architecture from Universidad Catòlica de Còrdoba, in Argentina in 1996 and at the Harvard Graduate School of Design with a post-professional Master degree in 2001. He has acquired extensive professional building experience working for Thompson & Rose Architects in Cambridge, Machado Silvetti in Boston, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners / SOM in New York City and Spacegroup in Oslo. Franco has taught at both The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and at the Bergen School of Architecture. 


Henrik Flåte Poulsson
Partner / Architect
+ 47 98 81 97

Henrik Flåte Poulsson graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design / ETSAB Barcelona in 2014. During his studies he worked for three years with Spacegroup Arkitekter, and collaborated with Superunion, before starting at Ghilardi+Hellsten in 2014. Henrik has worked with a variety of projects in the office, ranging from exhibition design, to urban design projects and several competitions. He was recently project leader for Quality Hotel Hasle Linie.


Erik Stenman
Partner / Architect
+ 47 40 21 53

Graduated from The Oslo School of architecture and Design in 2007 with a master degree in Urbanism and Landscape Architecture. He also studied at the UWE in England, the Shibaura Institute of technology in Japan, and received a bachelor degree in Design of Built Environment in Vasa, Finland. Erik has design expertise on large-scale landscape urbanism projects that demands high level of cross-disciplinary engagement and conceptual thinking. He is currently project leader for the new masterplan and development of Kiruna.


Andreas Wold
+47 45 29 89 96

Andreas graduated as a chef in 2009 after his aprentice time in Arakataka and Ylajali. He also has worked at Eik Annen Etage, Bagatell, Tango, Feinschmecker and the last 5 years as head chef at Restaurant Fjord. He got a scholarship to travel around the world visiting local markets and restaurants. He also graduated as sommelier in 2018. 


Anna Maria Grossi

+47 47 84 64 38 /

Anna Maria received her Master degree in architecture and urbanism from Delft (NL), with a Thesis on the urban redevelopment of South Chicago, and her Bachelor degree at Politecnico di Milano. During her studies she has been working in Italy and Switzerland on small scale projects and competitions.Before joining Ghilardi+ Hellsten in 2017, she worked for two years at Nordic, gaining experience on different scales and programs in all phases.


Antonin Gros

Antonin graduated from Chalmers University of Technology in 2015 with a master’s degree of architecture and urban design, following a bachelor’s degree at ENSAG in Grenoble. He has been working for offices in Sweden, Australia and France, from where he has gathered experience in conceptual design and early phases. While working for Dubuisson Architecture as well as AAVP in Paris Antonin was part of developing several winning competition proposals. Antonin joined the team at Ghilardi + Hellsten in 2021.


Camille Billottet

Architect / BIM manager

Camille received her Master's degree from TU Delft (NL), and her bachelor degree from the ENSA Lyon (FR), both with honours. Her master thesis on the subject of smells in the built environment led to the publication of various theoretical papaers. She developed a taste for poetic designs, theoretical knowledge and technical precision during her time at architecture and engineering firms in France, Vietnam and the Netherlands, before joining Ghilardi+Hellsten in 2022, as an architect with responibilities includeing BIM. 


Hanna Hovland Johanson
+47 41 69 08 36 /

Hanna graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design / PUCV Valparaiso, Chile in 2021. During her studies she had a central role in the arrangement of 120 Hours, an international competition for architecture students. She also organized a self-programmed master course. Her diploma project was a modern sustainable food production facility. She has worked as an intern for SG Arkitekter in Halden, the Norwegian governmental building commissioner Statsbygg and Snøhetta Oslo.


Heleri Nõmmik 
+47 41 18 75 06 /

Heleri graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2013, following her Bachelor studies in Architecture and Urban Planning at The Estonian Academy of Arts. She has experience from several offices in Oslo such as MDH and A-lab, where she was working on complex buildings from competition phase to completion. Heleri started at Ghilardi+Hellsten in 2018 as a project architect on a hotel and office project in Hasle, and is currently the project manager of our Police house in Kristiansand. 


Jakub Sahatqija

Jakub graduated from Technical University of Ostrava in 2017 with a master's degree in architecture. He also studied at Glasgow Strathclyde University and worked in different offices within Slovakia,
Czech Republic, and Poland while studying. Before joining Ghilardi + Hellsten, Jakub worked for four years at Arrow Architects in Denmark with various scales, typologies, and project phases.


Jing Niu
+47 96 75 10 32 /

Jing Niu graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2019. Previously, she got a bachelor of Architecture from The Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. During her studies she engaged in workshop with Sejima and worked for several offices, including  BIG. Jing has been an important piece in multiple large scale projects and competitions as a member of Ghilardi+Hellsten. Jing is currently on temporary leave. 


Léa Avellana 
+47 98 19 05

Lea studied at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the ENSA Paris La Villette from where she graduated with honors in 2014. Before joining Ghilardi+Hellsten in 2017, Lea worked at Dark Arkitekter and JMarkitektkontor on various projects, from competition phase to completion. Her experience ranges from large scale urban developments to housing projects with a focus on typology research. From 2015 to 2018, Lea acted as leader of the Oslo Arkitektforening Cultural Committee, coordinating conferences and cultural events in Oslo.


Moritz Bachmann

Moritz received his master’s degree in architecture with distinction from Nuremberg NIT in 2020, with a thesis about the atmospheric synthesis of landscape and space in the context of the Dovrefjell. Before joining us in 2022 he worked in several offices during his studies and previously on various typologies and larger scale projects in the competition department of Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten in Munich. For the current semester he has a lectureship in the department of construction and design in Nuremberg.

Maria BW.jpg

Maria Brox


Maria graduated with a Diploma in architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2022. Her master studio projects, and interest lie in architectural and urban concept development with focus on adaptive reuse and sustainability. During her studies Maria has been working on her own projects at Meanwhile as well as having an internship at Ghilardi+Hellsten and part time at MOPO. Besides working as an architect at GHA Maria is responsible for developing the company’s sustainability strategy and environmental certification.


Peder Ravneng


Peder graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in 2021. He has experience from Powerhouse Company in Rotterdam and Griff Arkitekter in Fredrikstad. During his studies he gained an interest in complex projects, urbanism and transformation. Before joining Ghilardi + Hellsten Peder delivered his diploma project, which presented concrete strategies to keep industry in cities and how urban production can play an important role in the future.


Roman Kekel
+47 99 88 28

Roman graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design with a strong emphasis on architectural and natural heritage through experimental preservation methods. Roman has previous experience from working in several art and architecture institutions such as OMA/AMO in Rotterdam or Fait Gallery in Brno. He worked as an assistant for Oslo Architecture Triennale and as a coordinator of The OAT Academy.

Sarah BW.jpg

Sara Louati

Sarah received her Master degree in architecture from NTNU Trondheim and ENSA Versailles where she graduated in 2012. During her studies she worked as an intern in several offices working on small scale projects and engaged in workshop in Asia. Before joining Ghilardi + Hellsten Sarah worked for seven years at Spinn Arkitekter where she gained experience working on educational buildings and sport facilities from competition phase to building site.


Vilde Vanberg
+47 95 85 58 76 /

Vilde has a bachelor degree from Oxford Brookes University where she graduated in 2014 doing her dissertation on the redevelopment plan for Kiruna. She received her Master Degree in 2018 at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. During her studies she has worked at Meinich Arkitekter and Karakusevic Carson Architects in London. She has engaged in several workshops with Architecture Sans Frontières -UK in both Africa and South-America to explore participatory design methodology in urban planning.


Zheng Zhou
+47 46 57 20 07 /

Zheng Zhou graduated from AHO in 2019, winning the Statsbygg student award with his diploma project. He previously got his bachelor degree from The Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. During his studies Zheng worked for several offices, including OMA and Ghilardi+Hellsten. Zheng was a central member of the team that won the Hasle K4 competition in 2017, and is a versatile asset for the office.  


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Team since 2005

From 2022: Sara Louati, C
amille Billottet, Moritz Bachmann, Maria Brox From 2021: Jakub Sahatqija, Antonin Gros, Hanna Hovland Johanson, Peder Ravneng, Silje Breistein Svarstad, Andreas Wold From 2020: Thyra Fredrikke Grimstad, Andreas Vold, Karina Falconett. From 2019: Antonio Perez Cerpa, Jing Niu, Thomas Hellsten. From 2018: Kristoffer Strand, Heleri Nõmmik, Roman Kekel, Karlis Jaunromans, Jessica Vetere, Maria Brox, Vilde Vanberg. From 2017: Lovise Bårdsnes Bjørnstad, Uku Miller, Vibeke Orsten, Paul-Antoine Lucas, Zlatko Nikolic, Bui Quy Son, Anna Maria Grossi, Federico A. Iannarone, Diogo SousaOlesya Vodenicharska, Léa Avellana, Changkun Ma, Hana Svatos-Raznjevic, Zheng Zhou, Christiana Pitsillidou. From 2015: Emil Pira, Einar Elton Jacobsen. From 2014: Gunvor Bakke Kvinlog, Henrik Poulsson. From 2013: Henriette Elisabeth Stuen Hammer, Nicolas Croze, Mathias Kempton, Angela Gigliotti, Fabio Gigone, Per-Leif Bersvendsen, Emil Modéer, José Luis Figiozzi. From 2012: Silje Kolltveit, Børge Opheim, Matthias Bergsvik, Alexia Lozana Ruis, Alexander Reene From 2011: Paola Simone, Anniken Hustad Tharaldsen, Espen Vatn, Andrea Pinochet, Manuel Angel Carmena Zazo, Hogne Øye Sætre. From 2010: Kasia Furgalinska, Lars Bakke. From 2009: Einar Rohde, Sindre Salquist Blakar. From 2008: Pau Canals, Joao Vieira Costa, Staphanie Sixt. From 2007: Ida Winge Andersen, Cathrine H. Bjørnstad, Johanne Borthne, Carl Julius Claussen, Llaitzer Planas, Morten Gundro Adamsen, Sindre Grønli. From 2006: Erik Stenman, Espen Krogstad, Anna Nilsson, Andreas Tingulstad, Sondre Solheim, Magnus Ohren. From 2005: Ellen Hellsten, Franco Ghilardi, Tim Prins, Daniel Ferdman, Wilhelm Christensen.

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