An old railway station and an abandoned cargo terminal occupies today large areas at Brueland, close to Sandnes downtown. The transformation of this site will allow for new residential areas and office developments on a narrow site between the railway and a main access road to the city.


2014 - ongoing


ROM Eiendom

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter AS, Element Arkitekter AS


Sandnes, Norway


75.000 m²


Masterplan, Mixed-use


The project “7 heights” is a reinterpretation of the large city block, with an unique and distinctive common area. The large, shielded inner garden is connected to the green structure of the city and expands it. The project offers a housing structure that is unique in the local context, and will differ from the planned “Havneparken” development and the existing “villa-city”.

The name 7 heights refers to 7 levels, 7 sites and 7 sub-developments, where every phase would function as a complete development, so that identity and variation in terms of program is established from the very beginning. The chosen building typology creates shelter for sound and wind on the exposed site, while it also becomes porous on ground level through openings and passages. A central square/meeting place, office/commercial areas, a kindergarten, a multipurpose hall and 650 housing units is being proposed in the project. 

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