Along the 7,2 km coastal route from Bodøsjøen to Mørkvedbukta we integrate 7 strategic projects positioned in various unique local conditions. Each of these projects links the future coastal path with existing local environments and planned adjacent areas. The loops are defined by its own main function / program and is associated with specific actors. Together, the projects create a network of public spaces with many exciting destinations and offer continuous tours that provide varied natural experiences.


Parallel commission 2018


Bodø municipality

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Bodø, Norway


7.2 km


Public space, Landscape


Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter


Situationplan, swipe or click to enlarge!

Combining three different design solutions the coastal route is connected through; a space-built path, a prefabricated timber panel system and a walking & bicycle lane for urban areas. Tactical combinations of these 3 systems anchor the masterplan to the terrain with its topographic challenges and provide access to the most possible functions along the coast. The pathway provides places for viewpoints, picnic spots, playground areas and raised pathway to preserve endangered species. 


Sub loops on the path

The shifts in the landscape are very valuable to the outdoor experience, bot for residents and visitors.  The coastal landscape is formed by bays and islets, areas with swabs and beaches, dense forest as well as stretches close to residential areas and private gardens. The 7 loops highlights the characteristic areas you move through.


Part 1: The Museum loop

Part 2: The Forest loop

Part 3: The Hovering path

Part 4: The Activity path

Part 5: The Neighbourhood loop

Part 6: The Juvik bridge

Part 7: The Mørkved bay

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