As part of the ambition for developing Oslo as a Fiord City, the Port Authorities arranged an ideas competition for upgrading public access on the prominent site along the Akershus fortress. The site is a long area south of the City Hall Plaza and the brief demanded new organization of existing programs such as the Oslo cruise terminal, the police station, tax free shops, restaurants and some waterfront storage.


Competition entry, honorable mentiion, 2003


Oslo Port Authority  

Project group:

Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter with Tai Grung


Oslo, Norway


40.000 m²


Public space, Tourism

Our proposal introduces an open, uncontested and grand public promenade by clearly splitting port programs and public space in two levels: at quay level all port activities are comfortably accommodated in three large programmatic volumes while on top a new public deck ramps gently over the port facilities. The deck provides an exceptional civic space, protecting and exploiting qualities like openness and free appropriation. Fixed furniture is included as a central feature at the promenade; Oslo longest bench (250m) at the edge of the proposed deck performing as railing and as a gigantic light fixture


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