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Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter, EM2N Architekten, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kosche

The regional headquarters of Aker BP is located in front of Paradise Station. This provides optimal connection to public transport and infrastructure, while at the same time it creates park areas towards the fjord and generates a distance to the wooden houses at Storhaug. The premise of the regional office is that it must be a continuous building with a common access zone. The access zone contains common functions (restaurants, congress, wellness, fitness center etc) that are outside the security zones of the office area and is open to the public and serviced 24/7. 




Stavanger, Norway


Jessica m2


Corporate space, Master planning, Landscape


Ghilardi+Hellsten, EM2N, Tegmark, Piks

Ground floor plan of both buildings from competition


The warehouse

The office activities are organized in a compact and flexible "warehouse" typology that guides the open, flexible and informal working environment. The floor plans are longitudinally split in half-planes with high ceiling (h = 6.0 m) and lots of light. All the cores and the support functions are placed in the zone in the middle where the planes are overlapping (h = 2.8m).This spatial organization facilitates visual contact between business units across multiple levels, creating an open inclusive architecture that will invite interaction. The high " side aisles " can be densified with mezzanines, permanent or temporary installations, in order to increase the density of the building by 10% -15%. Generous ceiling heights combined with natural light facades will reduce the need for artificial lighting in an 8-10 meter zone along the facade dedicated to workplaces.

Public ground floor along promenade

Typical Warehouse section from competition

Warehouse interior

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Warehouse interiors


Typical Warehouse plan

Typical Warehouse floor

Atrium and vertical circulation

Section of structure


Warehouse main entrance seen from Paradis Station

The Flower

Aker headquarters extends into a second building. This building mediates between on-site commercial buildings and the sea, gradually reducing the height. It creates a generous outdoor passage on the ground floor along the warehouse, that connects the walkway system at Paradis South. 
The ground-floor areas and the top floor are dedicated to meeting rooms and public functions, while the other floors house Aker special rooms.

Plans of the flower

Interior views of the flower around the central spiral staircase

Interior views of the flower around the central spiral staircase

Physical model

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