Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter AS is an Oslo based practice founded in 2005 by Franco Ghilardi and Ellen Hellsten. The office is engaged in architecture, landscape and urbanism as a common discipline. We work with projects in all scales and degrees of complexity, where the ambition is to develop operative and intelligent designs, which are specific to each task and to its larger context, whether it is economic, social, and or political.  Most of our commissions have been acquired through open or restricted competitions. Some are now being executed, while other projects purposely remain speculative or conceptual.



Our projects are renowned for operating on a non-dogmatic and alternative ground along traditional Scandinavian design. We have a strong interest in “urban retrofitting”, a systematic agenda for proposals and critical interventions on existing deteriorated or poorly planned environments. On the opposite end, our commissions in the open Norwegian landscape underscore our interest in the impact of tourism, transport- infrastructure, and offshore engineering by exploring their physical consequence on natural terrains.


GHA practices a design methodology which eradicates differences and hierarchies between disciplines as a mean for invention. Design techniques vary according to specific tasks, but they are primarily based on developing ideas and concepts through experimentation, tactical thinking and critical testing. In an inclusive process with clients and collaborators, we test limits and possibilities, always forcing the final output beyond pre-established solutions. Our non-dogmatic approach opens up for unexpected potentials and renders each of our projects different. 


Ghilardi + Hellsten provides architectural and planning services on all levels, from concept design to design development, detailing, construction supervision and approval process management. We also provide complete services in execution of regulation-plan documents. The office holds a central approval («Tiltaksklasse 3, Ansvarlig søker & Prosjekterende»), and is a member of the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL), The Association of Consulting Architects in Norway and the Norwegian Green Building Council.